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Swimming Workout

Date: May 9, 2009

Distance: 3,500 Short Course Yards

Main Set: 4 times thru of: (40 50s total) - all-out sprint
1 butterfly
2x (1 kick / 1 stationary)
4 x backstroke swimming
1 x zoomer backstroke swimming

Average Time butterfly: 28-29seconds
Average Time backstroke: 28seconds
Average Time kicking: 35-36seconds
Average Time zoomer backstroke: 26seconds

Notes: This set was rough because of the conditions as much as anything else. It was early morning, and there was a nice cloud of chlorine around the pool. It was an understatement to say breathing was a bit of a problem. I was pretty happy with the times as I haven't done a lot of backstroke in a long while.

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