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Feature: Male vs. female performance in different sports

How often have you wondered about the differences between male and female athletes, and NOT in a Venus and Mars sort of way?  In most sports, men and women compete in separate events.  In fact, triathlon is one of the few sports where some races start men and women together.  You might argue that it is just not fair if women raced together with men.  But is it always unfair for every sport?  And if it is unfair, is it always by the same amount?  This swimming article looks at this question in detail.

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Triathlon Swimming Tip: Body-Glide to avoid chafing

How to use Body-Glide to avoid chafing

Are you wearing a sleeveless wetsuit for the first time?  Here is a tip to avoid chafing.  You want to apply some anti-chafing product like Body-Glide in a US-silver-dollar sized circle in the middle/inside of your bicep muscle (see picture).  This will save you from the itching of a silver-dollar sized welt that you would have otherwise received.

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Swimming Question: Swallowing Water While Swimming

Q: I keep swallowing water whenever I swim. It happens all the time and is extremely frustrating. Is there something I can do to make this go away?

A: Taking a lungful of water in the pool or the lake is a horrible experience.  It is something that should be avoided at all costs.  When it happens on triathlon race day, it can take you right out of the race, especially if it happens early on.  So here’s something simple you can do to reduce the likelihood of making your lungs into gills.  When you turn your head sideways to breathe, make sure you twist your lips upwards as high as you can.  You are doing it right if no one can see your front teeth.

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Daily Swimming Workout

Check out one of Coach Dobko’s past swimming workouts and try it for yourself!

Total distance: 1,000 yards (Short Course Yards)

Main set: 8 x 50 freestyle on 2:00

Average time: 26.0

Notes: This set was tough, right from the get-go. I was hoping for a better workout since I swam so well on Tuesday. When in-shape, I can hold sub-25. Still, it is not bad for this time of year, and I gave it everything I had. I’ve been pretty tired lately working full-time, coaching (2 sessions yesterday) and working on the newsletters. When I input this set of 50s and Tuesday’s set of 200s into the Dobkanize calculator, I’m still swimming a non-wetsuit half mile in 11:09, so I’m pretty happy with that. It also gives me a respect for my clients who are experiencing these sets for the first time!

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